I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

May 5, 2009

Through my friends Joy and Edison I got to read a book again after quite sometime. The book was entitled I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Though the book may not sound so appealing to those who have come to embrace worldly standards the book is still a good stuff to read. The book may also have very conservative ideas regarding relationships but when we look at them closely they are very truthful and most of all following the advices can keep young ones from unnecessary heartbreaks.

I think the book is best read early in life, just in time that a boy and a girl realize the differences between them.

The book is easy to understand. I did not find myself forcing to flip on the pages and read on unlike with other books.

The anecdote in the beginning of the book really entices the interest of the readers. The story was about a wedding. When the man and bride was in front of the altar all of a sudden three other women appeared beside the groom. Who are they? The bride asked. They are the women whom I had relationships with before. The man answered.  Apparently it was just a dream of the bride.

Well the story is just trying to tell the readers the adverse effects of short term relationships. In each relationship a man and a woman gives a part of his life to that person that he/she has chosen. Then if serial dating will be pursued what will be left for the man/woman that he/she is going to end up with?

Will the ghosts of the exes shadow the relationship and put a barrier between the two persons who happened to be together? Can the man and the woman forget the memories of the person who they thought was the one in one point of their lives? Can they rule out the ex from being a point of comparison from the one they have in the present?

Some people jump in and out of relationships for different reasons. Some think it’s cool to have numerous names to associate with their own while others do it for fun and the majority believes that it was because they have fallen in love. But when we come to think about it whether you dealt with the relationships seriously or you played around when it ends you will still be hurt in one way or another.

The other ideas presented in the book were the following:

  • The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment. A man and a woman should not treat each other’s bodies as their own unless they have been united with marriage.
  • As a relationship goes physical, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the relationship deteriorate.
  • Don’t start what you don’t plan to finish. Do not pursue a relationship unless you are ready for commitment.

So do you agree with the book or do you find Joshua Harris’s ideas absurd?


One comment

  1. I loved the book, he had some really good points for godly dating.


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